Posted on: June 24th, 2010 First review of “Entering Darkness” album at MTUK Metal ‘Zine

First review of “Entering Darkness” album at MTUK Metal ‘Zine

“Whether or not French band Eibon are fans of Fulci’s finest cinematic moment is unknown, but I would expect so all things considered. If not it’s still a great excuse to resurrect one of my favourite movie lines to kick start this review. On the cover of ‘Entering Darkness’ we may not have ‘The Beyond’ itself but we do have scenes of landscapes that have been torn by the ravages of war and it should be no surprise that within the package the music is very much bleak, despondent and harrowing. With six tracks notching up 63 minutes between them its no quick campaign either, you are in it for the distance.”

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First review of "Entering Darkness" CD on MTUK Metal 'Zine