Eibon is a 5 pieces act featuring Drowning bass player, Stephane Rivière and guitarist Georges Balafas on vocals. Along with Jerome Lachaud, who was Stephane’s former band mate & drummer with legendary French Doom-Metal pioneer Garden Of Silence. Jerome was also part of the veteran Doom act Astral Rising. The line-up was completed by longtime friend Max Hedin on guitars and more recently, by Guillaume Taliercio on guitars.

In March ‘07, Eibon released a split-CD with the Stoner metal freaks Hangman’s Chair on the extreme metal label Bones Brigade records. Feedbacks was very positive and the split-CD was sold-out only 6 months after its release.

This first effort already gave an idea of what Eibon is all about: stationed between aggressive Sludge and loud Doom-metal. The music is based on progressive structures, alternating pounding heavy riffs and melodic sections.

In 2009, Eibon is back with its first digi-MCD containing 2 new tracks, recorded in October 2007 in the same studio and mixed by Andrew G. (Glorior Belli, Temple Of Baal) and released by Aesthetic Death records (UK) (Esoteric, Fleurety, Stumm).
These 2 new tracks reflect the band’s evolution: progressive parts are longer and more complex while aggressive parts are even harsher.

In the meanwhile, Eibon has been regularly seen on stage in 2007 and 2008 – to critical acclaim.

In December ’09, Eibon hit the studio again to record its first full-length. The album features 6 songs – 60 minutes of dark and progressive Doom/Sludge and comes in a special hardcover digisleeve.

In October 2010, Eibon & HKY released an 7″ split-EP on French label MusicFearSatan.

In September 2013, Eibon recorded ‘II’ in a live setting with Sylvain Biguet (Comity, Revok, As We Draw…). Mixing and mastering being performed by Francis Caste (Arkhon Infaustus, Kickback, Cowards…), “The Void Settlers” and “Elements Of Doom” are two massive twenty-minutes tracks where EIBON refine their very own vision of slow and painful music, infusing their raw Sludge/Doom with Black Metal and more atmospheric parts.

The entire band’s discography can be streamed and freely downloaded on the Eibon bandcamp site.

Eibon 2013